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This website provides free educational material for secondary school and university maths.

Material is mainly in the form of video presentations and GeoGebra Java Applets.

It is of our interest to explore how animated presentations of digital content may facilitate

  • conceptual understanding and
  • procedural understanding, mostly for complicated tasks such as applying an algorithm.


    Mathematical notions and knowledge are common worldwide, however sometimes there might be few differences in a presentation

    1. either because of use of different mathematical notation,
    2. or a different teaching approach


    Our latest work is about studying the sine function f(x) = sinx

    and linear algebra in 3D (vectors, planes, systems of linear equations etc), both in Greek.



    Other presentations and GeoGebra Java Applets available (in English) :

    Math Game

    Einstein's Riddle

    Truth-teller and liar riddle



    M. C. Escher

    Lost bicycle in Amsterdam

    Camden Town (Lock)

    "Pythagoras" at Mykonos


    Fractions (11)

    Quadratic Equation

    Horner Scheme

    Matrix  Multiplication

    Gaussian Elimination Method

    Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus - Java Applet (Geogebra)

    Second Mean Value Theorem for Integration - Java Applet (Geogebra)

    Simplex Method Algorithm

    Dijkstra Algorithm for Shortest Route Path

    Cryptography - Caesar Cipher

    Cryptography - Vigenere Cipher

    Student accommodation in central Amsterdam - GeoGebra Java Applet


    A collection of videos (almost 400, in greek) have been also uploaded as a tutorial for a high school module concerning the principles of programming (data types, INPUT, OUTPUT,  logical expressions, IF statements, Loops, arrays and subroutines) and problem solving algorithms.

    Sample presentation for algorithms (in Greek) :

    Pseudocode to Flow chartINPUT: ReadIF statements, Loops,  OUTPUT: Print )

    Each video is short-time length, dealing with a single task/question e.g. introducing a concept followed by an example or solving a problem. Attempting a Wikipedia-like way of organizing information, videos were combined with text and links so that the content can be better organized and consequently easier browsed according to users’ needs.

    Content is listed in different ways:

    For study from one week to another (29 numbered lessons + extras , articles with video are followed by character (V) )

    For study as parts of a topic

    For study as part of a textbook

    More GeoGebra Java Applets can be found here.



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