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"Pythagoras" @ Mykonos

A barman (point A) wants to send “shots” to the pirates’ ship (point C).

Unfortunately, the bar is situated on a hill (point A) and the sea is out of sight.

However, the barman has communication with an observer (point B) who is situated on a rock next to the sea.

The observer (point B) forwards measurement results about distance a and angle B.

The barman calculates

  • how far the ship is away from him (distance b) and
  • how many degrees (angle A) should the “bottle” be turned away from the direction pointing observer B.

(Points A, B and C can be changed)

Distance b is finally used for computing the velocity and the angle(s) of the projectile motion :

(Point C and v0 can be changed)

Note that sometimes one solution may be rejected.

music theme: Tiësto - Adagio for Strings (via YouTube)







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