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Einstein's Riddle - solving method suggestion (Geogebra Java Applet)

In the following applet, a MATRIX is suggested for solving the riddle.

If that was not the solving method you applied, you may try it on the paper.

Alternatively, you may try to solve the riddle using the applet.

Drag the keywords on the MATRIX where appropriate, according to the given hints.

You may also attach to keywords the number that corresponds to a hint, so that you have a quick reference to the hints used.


  1. Start with those hints that allow you to put directly keywords on the MATRIX.
  2. The associations from other hints may be initially placed on the TEMPORARY MATRIX.
  3. Each time you place a new association  on the TEMPORARY MATRIX, you may also check if it could be transfered to the MATRIX.
  4. Alternatively, you move on by placing a new association on the TEMPORARY MATRIX etc.

Later on, you may watch the answer given with a video presentation.



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