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Student accommodation in central Amsterdam

This is a simulation of a geographical information retrieval system. It may be adapted to anyone's interest (e.g. pupil's neiborhood, city or country), in any context (e.g. shops, museums, transportation etc).


This case study is an alternative way to get information for student accomodation in central Amsterdam.

Real Estate websites usually show location on map for each search result individually, when the retrieval process is already done.

In this simulation, apart from being able to set more than one room types in your search criteria, you may also specify a center-point and an area of your interest on the map, so that your search results change dynamically according to geographical data.


Information is taken from DeKey properties.

Availability of rooms is not based on real data.

The map is a screenshot from Google Maps and it is adjusted properly on the system of coordinates.


Displays on applet:

"Number of available rooms (by type)" display

Distance from center-point of interest" display

"In area " display

"Rent range " display


Check in any box for dorms of preference.

Drag the center-point of circle, the point on circle, as also the round area itself.

Check in any box for room type.

Set max rent value.

For GeoGebra Java Applet CLICK HERE